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Crush The Castle Adventures
Fling different types of boulders to collapse the castle. Don't kill some characters within.

Expand It - Travel
Grow the different shape characters to make them touch the mesmerizing rainbow line at the top.

Swap It et 2
Swap 2 square to align all the moving gears. Solve the puzzle with as few moves as possible.

Similar to Lemmings, control a single dwarf & create steps & dig to reach the exit door.

Drag n drop to send units to enemy space stations. Control all nodes whether occupied or not.

The Red Train
Remove objects to cause physical reactions to items on the level to make a path for the train.

Use 2 astronauts to help each other over fire & lava, boost each other to higher edges & get gems.

The Way The Gingerbread Cookie Crumbles
Search through the house & find all the items you need to make cookies for your guests.

Gem Monster
Get all the gems as you avoid being squished under boulders or letting them block your path.

My Christmas Tree
Find all the Christmas ornaments around the dark house & stick them onto the tree.

Nature Strikes Back
Fire at all the humans & kill them as you remove their armor & watch their body parts fly.

Santa Go Adventure
Keep the Santas safe as you control the environment to allow safe passage to each of their exits.

Roll Me
Roll the map back n forth to get the ball to roll to all the stars, avoid spikes & reach the exit.

Buy miners to dig deeper in this constant clicker. Earn funds to upgrade & buy better diggers.

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Puzzle Farter Game
Game Played 61141 Times

(71 Votes)

Puzzle Farter with Friends and Social Networks
Puzzle Farter

Puzzle Farter Game Description
50 levels of farting around the level as you move around and reach the exit door as you avoid others

Detailed instructions and Puzzle Farter help (If any)
Reload the page if the game doesn't load the first time.

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