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Raving Rabbids - Travel in Time
Throw exploding rolls of toilet paper at the cavemen. Try to explode all cavemen.

Slide the shapes in Sokoban fashion. Place each shape in its own darkened tile area.

Build platforms, slopes & place directions to get the ball safely into the hole without falling.

Barry Lost His Marbles
Throw marbles to ricochet & bounce Barry off platforms & into the flagged bin.

Shadow Road Trip
Drive your truck without tipping over in the silhouette world. Sometimes you need to reverse.

Mini Truck Racers
Race your truck around the 3D tracks. Diver over symbols to get power ups & shoot opponent drivers.

Goodbye Sadness
Remove the regular smilies to get the grinning smiley to the sad smiley.

Air Maze
Control your baloon floating machine as you avoid hitting spikes. Grab coins & shoot balls & walls.

Run Box Run
Jump over spikes & spears as you grab coins. Survive for as long as possible in this auto-runner.

Launch your rat & reach the moon. Control gravity in later levels. Even easy mode is a bit hard.

Race against AI opponents & perform tricks to gain nitro. Do objectives & earn money for upgrades.

Bad Piggies Online 2015
Play tons of levels of pieces together components to create a useable machine that reaches the end.

Paint Wars
Launch the yellow ball a limited times. Grab all the stars & squish the orange balls to win.

Newtons Law
Shoot your gun to move in the opposite direction. Save civilians, destroy robots & watch for turrets

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Snake Ball Game
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Snake Ball with Friends and Social Networks
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Snake Ball

Snake Ball Game Description
Slither around and gather up balls as you pull them into the hole with your snake body.

Detailed instructions and Snake Ball help (If any)

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