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Save The Pig - Level Pack
Grab all the blue orbs & reach the exit portal as you avoid obstacles & push rocks to reach ledges.

Stick Blender
Defend your stickman blender by circling the enemies & dropping them in to be ground up.

Frankie Dino
Rotate platforms & springs to push the balls into each other. Cause an explosion to push the egg off

Backkom to Save Penguins
Drag n drop the shapes from below onto the playing area to help the penguins reach the exit.

Alien Bottle Buccaneer
Ricochet unlimited shots as you try to break the skulls & the bottles of poison.

Cube Escape - The Lake
Can you escape the small fishing shack? Combine items from your inventory to solve the puzzles.

Zombie Leo
Push buttons & control Leo's speed to avoid obstacles & get Leo to the exit safely.

String of Pearls
Find all the items hiding in the rooms. Use hints to spot items hidden too well.

Similar to Pac-Man, travel through the levels grabbing pills while avoiding baddies.

Fast Feed
Push left or right to feed the fox & the sheep the right foods. Mess up & you start over.

Sushi Catapult
Fire Sushi Cat with the most power. Fly threw the air & eat as much food as possible for upgrades.

Brutal Swing
Grapple onto pigeons with your sausage cleavers. Get higher & higher to earn money & unlock players.

Sewer Sweater Search
Grapple onto walls & poles while your in a inner-tube in the water. Go after coins to win.

Daddy Please Stack
Get all the weird shapes to balance on the platform. Level shapes are random & will be different.

 Games For Work » Puzzle Games » Naughty Babysitter Game
Naughty Babysitter Game
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Naughty Babysitter with Friends and Social Networks
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Naughty Babysitter

Naughty Babysitter Game Description
Click on items and see how naughty you can be as you get the babysitter down to skimpy clothes.

Detailed instructions and Naughty Babysitter help (If any)

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