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Evil Sun
As the sun, fire different types of arsenal at incoming forces. Protect the building at all costs.

Simply spin your arms around both ways & jump as you try to toss as many fighters out of the ring.

Ringside Hero
Train your fighter enough to win the fights. Earn money to buy upgrades through the shop.

Easy Joe
Click on objects in the colorful & bright levels to get the bunny pass the things blocking him.

Letters Connect Deluxe
Connect letters to make words & earn points. Hints given below & you can connect letters on diagonal

Xtreme Ride
Ride your bike carefully over the hills & grab items as you keep from tipping over and exploding.

Connect the correct stars to make the given shape without any wrong lines.

Georg The Ghost
Look around each new scene to gather all the items to help you evade & get to the right side.

Ben 10
Race down the straightaway track. Grab powerups from trucks & reach the end before the time runs out

Happy Thanksgiving - Matching Fun
Click on groups of 3 or more & make them disappear. Make enough disappear to move onto new levels.

Super Battle City - The New Mission
Take out tanks & survive for the time on each level to earn coins & afford expensive upgrades.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles In Time
Fight the foot clan in this arcade box classic, brought into flash. No quarters necessary.

Spider Stickman - Clash of Clans
Grapple to objects & keep from scrolling off the screen. Try to keep up with the auto-scroll.

Use the two blocks to help each other out & get both to their proper highlighted exit.

 Games For Work » Retro Games » Battleship Torpedo Attack Game
Battleship Torpedo Attack Game
Game Played 39009 Times

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Battleship Torpedo Attack with Friends and Social Networks
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Battleship Torpedo Attack

Battleship Torpedo Attack Game Description
Setup your battleship positions and then start launching torpedoes as you try to hit the enemy ships

Detailed instructions and Battleship Torpedo Attack help (If any)

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