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Pixel Staff
Shoot your mage's staff at skeletons, goblin's spiders & other mages. Unlock higher jumps & more.

Grab gears & jump on robots as you get keys to open up exits. Avoid touching level gears that kill.

Finger vs Guns
Swing & wave your finger around, trying to defeat the enemy that has guns & grenades.

Defend Us
Set up turrets to kill incoming forces. No speed up can make the game slow for regular TD players.

Black Bow
Sneak & run as you shoot giant rats with your bow. Get grappling arrows to swing by in later levels.

Shoot monsters & grab health in this pixelated, sidescroller. Mind monsters that throw things.

Jump over gaps & obstacles as a tiny creature out to get milk for his mom. Be patient for intros end

Sunset in Venice
Find multiples of the same objects hiding within each new, colorful scene in this hidden object game

Hungry Worms
Match the food in hexagon shapes as you put preference on the ones that have numbers by them.

Jetbak Startroopers
Avoid obstacles & enemy fire as you ride elevators & keep from touching the ground while jetpacking.

Ninja Defense
Use ninjas in this Japanese themed tower defense game. Place traps, towers & samurai to help defend.

The Enchanted Cave 2
Keep entering the cave to gather loot, but watch your health & make an escape when needed.

Blockoomz 2015
Create explosions to push or blow up all the bad shapes, while keeping the good ones on screen.

Cat Food Throw
Throw cat food at cats to win. Aim just right so that the cats grab the food, but don't run out!

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Under Cover Game
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Under Cover with Friends and Social Networks
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Under Cover

Under Cover Game Description
Take pictures of the girls underwear when they bend over or start to undress. Catch all the spots.

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