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Shinobi Quest
Quickly click the action to perform before it's too late. Combine items & kill stickmen.

Place the objects on the levels to ensure the golf balls reach all the stars & their right holes.

Road So Far
Take runes that are around the levels as you jump up walls, over spikes & wolves to reach the exit.

Shell Shooter
Fire shots off & hit all the discs being thrown into the air. Miss gold ones & the level is failed.

Cute Physics
A hard physics game with limited shots, limited guides to see where you're shooting.

Move between tight corridors & avoid touching the walls. Grab items & reach the exit safely.

Roll around the small planet as you grab the agricultural items in the proper order & fast.

Modern Moto Racers
Dodge obstacles as you move back & forth. Grab fuel to extend the time you play per track.

Donut Get
Drive your cop car to the donut shop & eat as many donuts as possible, while pushing others aside.

Grab items & avoid collisions as you upgrade your ship, while using difficult controls.

Famous Paintings Parodies
Look at an artists redrawing of a famous painting & try to determine the name of the original.

Crazy Racers
Race against farmers & grab pumpkins & horseshoes. Push obstacles & other farmers out of the way.

Fishy Waters
Go fishing & earn money to upgrade your boat, fishing rod, & pay tolls to gain access to new waters.

Remove The Dinosaurs
Click the dinos to use their abilities to remove them all & to reach all the stars per level.

 Games For Work » Shooting Games » Army of Destruction: Survival Game
Army of Destruction: Survival Game
Game Played 116394 Times

(52 Votes)

Army of Destruction: Survival with Friends and Social Networks
Army of Destruction: Survival

Army of Destruction: Survival Game Description
Waves of enemies are attacking your base. It's your job to shoot them before they can damage it.

Detailed instructions and Army of Destruction: Survival help (If any)

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