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Eldorado Deadly Trip
Travel through the dark maze & grab gold to buy upgrades. Beware of skeletons luring around.

Model Cars Racing
Race around the tiny track in top-down view. Grab pick ups to help defeat the AI players.

Train Surfing
Grab coins & buy upgrades as you try to reach the end of each track.

Defend Fish Boat
Buy fishermen & fishing gear to protect the fishing boat from attackers.

Fix The Sun
Jump over gaps & trigger sparks that launch you in the right direction as you reach the exit.

Surround Angry Bird
Place traffic cones to block the Angry Bird in. Keep him from reaching the outter dots.

Mario Moto Race
Race as Mario against Princess Peach & Luigi & come in first to unlock new tracks.

Sonic Fly
Launch Sonics out of the sling shot to grab enough rings to progress.

Jet Ski Racer
Race around the water track against other jet skies. Cut corners close & come in 1st.

Haunted Campus
Find the objects that are hiding from you in each new scene

Quad Cop
Feed the cops to make them fart, slide, fly & explode. Push the bad guys off the screen.

Feed Me Moar 3
Drag platforms & turn objects on or off to redirect the purple goo into the monster mouths.

Burn Everything
Drag objects & align them so that the fire transfers from one object to another. Burn everything!

Beaver Blocks - Level Pack
Remove as few blocks to get the beaver safely to the baby beavers. Don't let foxes touch beavers.

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I am Legend Game
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I am Legend

I am Legend Game Description
Pass the first somewhat boring level to get to zombie shooting. Blow the zombies brains out.

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