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Motocross Racing 2
Ride over bumpy terrain as you bike. Perform tricks & keep from falling down deep canyons.

Zombie Taxi
Pick up survivors in your taxi before the zombies get them. Drop them off in marked zones.

Monster Truck Championship
Drive your truck carefully & use boosts at the right time. Avoid spikes & barrels.

Grab coins & sushi as you fly threw space. Avoid bombs as you choose what to grab.

21 Days on The Moon
Turn back n forth as you gun down the moon aliens that are coming from both sides.

Choose between a path mode TD game or a open path TD game. 3 difficulties for each.

FOG Golf
A difficult game of swinging just right to hit the ball over obstacles & into the hole.

Move back n forth as you try to line up your spaceships gunfire with the routes of enemy ships.

Yikes Zombies Shoot Em
Defend the left side as you click on different lanes to shoot the zombies coming in.

Shoot The Circle
Shoot your ball onto each circle. Give it just enough power. Stay on the center to get extra points.

The Utilizer
Collect blocks on your ship, shoot enemies with unlocked guns & avoid hitting enemies or asteroids.

Mini Truck Madness
Race against the AI & perform stunts to buy upgrades. Race & challenge mode for each track.

Terrorist Despoiler
Place your limited number of bombs in the correct spots on the bridge to send the big rig falling.

Super Drift 3
Race around multiple 3D tracks as you drift around corners & try to stay a head of the AI car.

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Kirby Puzzle Adventure Game
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Kirby Puzzle Adventure

Kirby Puzzle Adventure Game Description
Kirby is traveling one direction. Place the arrows to change his path to complete each level.

Detailed instructions and Kirby Puzzle Adventure help (If any)

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