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Discover Istanbul
Collapse the gems as you clear the golden tiles & make the key drop through the dashed area.

Ben 10 Take Down
As Ben 10, jump & shoot through this sidescroller. Blast baddies & watch out for low health.

Minions Fighting Back
Shoot the crazy purple minions & turn them back to friendly minions as you earn money to buy guns.

The Line World
Jump over spikes & missiles as you grab coins in this infinite runner. Time your jumps right!

Jelly Lines
Slide the jelly balls to align rows & columns of enough so they disappear & clear the board.

Jungle Wood Cutters
Drive carefully and chop down trees. Time your tree saw just right to cut in the right spots.

HalfPipe Challenge
Perform tricks while in the air on the half-pipe. Charge your power longer to get higher.

Push & pull contraptions to make the purple monster reach all the stars & finish by eating the donut

Hero in the Ocean 2
Grab stars & push bombs to clear blocked pathways. Safely reach the treasure chest as a submarine.

Inner Demon
In this Sokoban styled game, be a demon & grab gems. Take control of the human for more control.

Lazy Goat Love Candy
Drag & drop shapes to create a clear, walkable path for the sheep to reach the candy.

Slimes Turn
As the rolling slime, find upgrades to allow you to reach new areas of this pixeled, sidescroller.

Pou Puzzle Jelly World 2
Remove the proper blocks & rocks to avoid spiked mines & bounce to the grassy platform.

Rotate the marbles to align them in the proper rows & colums designated by the colored dots.

 Games For Work » Skill Games » Hurry Bird Game
Hurry Bird Game
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Hurry Bird with Friends and Social Networks
Hurry Bird

Hurry Bird Game Description
Keep the bird flying without hitting the sides. Keyboard controlled instead of mouse makes it harder

Detailed instructions and Hurry Bird help (If any)

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