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Galaxy Harvest
Seed & harvest planets around your base. Attack planets that become too civilized to be dominated.

The Nameless
Move your squadmates across the battlefield & attack enemies in turn-based attacks.

Storage Dash
Push boxes or bombs into the correct spots. Don't touch crates or bomb timer starts in bomb mode.

Forest Ride
Ride your bike over hills & dips as you stay balanced. Mind the gaps & your speed up to them!

Age of Defense - Mini 2
Upgrade & send in the right troops to the enemy side to combat thier own forces coming at you.

Bloody Way
Float upwards as you avoid saws & lasers. Grab a health before you bleed to death if cut.

Click Jump - Level Pack
Launch your box multiple times into the air as you dodge obstacles & enemies.

Hyper Travel
Fly above ground & below structures as you try to grab the stars & auto-shoot mines.

Guardian of Egarna
Look at each scene carefully as you try to find all the objects that are represented at the bottom.

Mu Complex
Test your skills as a hacker in this text-based game. Look through files & discover passwords.

Bobby Da Arrow
Fire arrows at enemies as they slowly move towards you. Free trapped friends by hitting targets.

Splitman 2
Run into saw blades that split you up. Use your multiple versions to help pass over deadly obstacles

Mercurial Story
Get pills & jump off ledges. Fling back & forth between worlds & moods as the story is told.

Zom Buddies
As 2 rednecks, defend the land of the free from zombies. Upgrade & take out all the incoming zombies

 Games For Work » Skill Games » Hurry Bird Game
Hurry Bird Game
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Hurry Bird with Friends and Social Networks
Hurry Bird

Hurry Bird Game Description
Keep the bird flying without hitting the sides. Keyboard controlled instead of mouse makes it harder

Detailed instructions and Hurry Bird help (If any)

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