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Pre-Civilization - Bronze Age
Control how many workers you have in different areas of your town. Create the great pyramid to win.

Siege Hero - Pirate Pillage
Throw different ammo types at the buildings to make them collapse & kill the pirates.

Time Experiment
Pause, play & even rewind time to use your past self to help you push buttons & get past obstacles.

Gun Mayhem Redux
Shoot enemies in different arenas with different objectives like deathmatch & capture the flag.

Green Saboteur
Hack computers & put cops in holes in the ground as you try to reach the exit without getting caught

Dead Visitors
Setup traps to defend your house. Don't be in front of the traps as you can't move over them.

A Stroll In Space
Push boxes & jump while turning off gravity to float upwards or across gaps.

Nimble Knight
Drag the columns of cubes to make a pathway safe for the knight to reach the exit.

Super Santa Rush
Jump Santa's sleigh on the building rooftops. Make sure you jump before Rudolph leaves the roof.

Dice Hero
Select number cards equal to 1 or both dice. Try to get the lowest score possible.

Crush The Castle Adventures
Fling different types of boulders to collapse the castle. Don't kill some characters within.

Expand It - Travel
Grow the different shape characters to make them touch the mesmerizing rainbow line at the top.

Swap It et 2
Swap 2 square to align all the moving gears. Solve the puzzle with as few moves as possible.

Similar to Lemmings, control a single dwarf & create steps & dig to reach the exit door.

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Smart Pen Game
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Smart Pen with Friends and Social Networks
Smart Pen

Smart Pen Game Description
Draw lines & curves to make your line repeat & touch all the colored circles, except black ones.

Detailed instructions and Smart Pen help (If any)

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