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Glorkian Warrior - The Trials of Glork
Run back n forth as your back-strapped pal fires at enemies above in retro Invaders style.

Doors - Daves Free Lesson
Help dave reach the exit by punching & rotating the world to reach the green exit.

Slide against icey walls in sokoban fashion to reach the exit. Beat the timer or fail.

Angry Birds - Ulimate Battle
Move your birds into position as you adjust their firing trajectory to take out the pigs.

Spider-Man Amazing Race
Race around 4 tracks as you drift to gain nitro. Turbo passed the competition to come in 1st.

Click on the wrong items to cause mischief in each new scene to solve their puzzles.

Winter Rage Blast
Plaw your tank threw the snow as you blast mines & turrets with your cannon.

Restaurant Escape
Escape the restaurant as you hunt for items & where they can be used to solve puzzles.

Sleep Fighter
Fight off demons and clowns in your nightmare. Survive until you wake to win.

Mighty Hanuman
Click & hold to control your rise & fall of flight as the Hanuman. Avoid hitting fireballs & objects

Den of Evil
In this top-down shooter, take out zombies & skeletons as you find keys & coins to progress.

Cemetery Guard
Use a mace to smack enemies & explode them. Later pick up a stake shooter to kill from a distance.

Fishing Humans
As a zombie, use different guns & a grappling hook to rip the humans brain right out of his skull.

Grav Escape
Jump on chickens & sheep as a rabbit. Change gravities direction to solve the platformers puzzles.

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Knotty Game
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Knotty with Friends and Social Networks

Knotty Game Description
Grab the dots & rearrange the strings so that no two strings overlap.

Detailed instructions and Knotty help (If any)

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