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Pou -Space- Puzzle Jelly World 3
Remove blocks, use magnets & mouse over areas to create blocks, as you help Pou get to the spaceship

Goat Mechanic
Drop items on the road in the right spots to cause crashes. Unlock new items to drop as you progress

Primary Max
Use time machines to record your movement. Then use your previous self to help your present self.

Bob The Blob
Change your blob colors to fall threw or rise to the top of jelly platforms in this older puzzler.

Block Stunts
Ride your bike over blocks & curves as you keep from tipping over. Beware of surfaces that move.

Flower Rescue
Rotate the pipes to create a pathway to the flowers. New pipes appear after a connection is made.

Pyxel Paper Kart
Race your flat pixel car on the 3D track. Adjust settings & race against up to 30 AI players.

EMR - 45
Fly your spaceship, rotate your gun turret & even rotate your shield power as you take a beating.

A short game that teaches you about the ALS desease, as your cats ALS symptoms progress.

Tiny Rumble
Fight the CPU or other player in this fighting game. Perform blocks & remember combo buttons.

I Sometimes Dream...
Dream of an area of the level by clicking it. Insert it into the world to help you reach your bed.

The Adventure of Robert The Scarecrow
Glide over gaps with your trusty bird in this infinite runner. Get coins to buy upgrades & apparel.

Ultimate Ship War 2
Send ships to enemy shipyards to take them over. Upgrade yourself for when the game becomes hard.

Axis Football League
Pick a game plan, perform kick-offs, catch the football & make touchdowns to overcome the opponent.

 Games For Work » Strategy Games » Virus Wars - Beginning Game
Virus Wars - Beginning Game
Game Played 1572 Times

(52 Votes)

Virus Wars - Beginning with Friends and Social Networks
Virus Wars - Beginning

Virus Wars - Beginning Game Description
Take over all enemy cells & keep them from taking any away from you as you battle for the body.

Detailed instructions and Virus Wars - Beginning help (If any)

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