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Release the Mooks 3
Drop all the Mooks from the highlighted area. Land them on the platform evenly, as to not tip off.

Catch the Cheese
Float & deflate the mouse to get stars & cause reactions that get the cheese rolling.

Fling the 3 monsters at the structure. Get all the bags of money as you relaunch the monsters.

Frozy and Fred
Grab pieces of candy, hit blocks overhead, & jump on enemies. Watch out for collapsing ground.

Robinson vs. Birds
Have coconuts pitched to you, as you bat at them. Hit birds in the right order in later levels.

Talent Shoot 4
Use the sling shot to fire the ball & hit as many balloons as possible. Pop enough to progress.

The Story of Paul Bunyan
Find the hiding objects within each new scene. Use up to 3 hints to track them all down.

Nerd Physics
Place platforms & drop red shapes to cause reactions that get the nerds to the building.

Swipe the screen in different directions to change how you hit the tennis ball to the AI player.

One Bubble
Jump over a single bubble at a time. End each level with only one bubble left.

Dark Dayz
Shoot zombies & repair your bases walls in this top-down shooter. Search for items, upgrade & craft.

Animal Defense
Defend your animal babies by shoot incoming waves of attacking animals. Includes upgrade shop.

Mechanical Brothers
Fire bombs to break chains, then switch ammo & shoot "details" to your brother.

Draw Line
Draw a line that the ball will roll on or bounce off of. Get the stars & get to the container.

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