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Mighty Knight 2
Fight enemies & upgrade. New players are unlocked as you play. Make all fighters AI if you want.

Lazy Cats
Attach wooden shapes to others to off balance beams. Wake up the cats to win.

Blast RPG
In this distance launcher, fight enemies in the air as you grab coins to buy upgrades.

Mr. Splibox 2
Create boxes under you to make towers to tip & make it across gaps. Watch our for enemies that run!

Avoid the block monster as you grab coins. Don't stop your tribe for too long or they explode.

Double jump to higher platforms & jump up walls. Grab coins as the water rises behind you.

Similar to Pinko, drop the heads in the best spots to try to pop all the pins.

4x4 Soccer
Drive your 3D Hummer on the playing field as you try to push the large soccer ball into the goal.

Gangster Mayhem
Find & shoot the enemies in this sparce, top-down shooter. Shoot barrels to explode near enemies.

Night Shadow
Find multiples of the same objects hidden within the scene. Each item can have a different color hue

Vikings Short Life
As the screen auto-scrolls, grab beers, jump over gaps & spikes. Know when to jump or just drop down

Monster Eliminator
Place limited bombs to cause boxes to tip & reactions that get all the orange monsters off.

Animation Fighting
Fight as a few different, popular anime characters. Play against the AI or against a 2nd player.

Launch the white hair ball into the groups of hairy blocks. Make them fall on the proper sides.

 Games For Work » Puzzle Games » Gears and Chains Spin It 2 Game
Gears and Chains Spin It 2 Game
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Gears and Chains Spin It 2

Gears and Chains Spin It 2 Game Description
Strap chains to the gears & place new gears to get all the gears turning per level.

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