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Smart Mover
Change the color of boxes & get them into the proper slots to unlock gates so you can reach the exit

Place mages, knights & archers to defend the pathway. Buy special powers with potions to help out.

Iron Knight
Defend the castle as you find items for repair in bushes. Pistol ammo can run out, be aware.

Feed The Figures
Drop the shapes to feed them different amounts of food. Use bombs to cause the right reactions.

3 Pandas in Japan
Use the 3 pandas to help people & solve each scenes puzzle in this escape-like, click adventure.

Young Shieff
Shoot all the indians & earn money as you take their land away. Upgrade to be able to pass levels.

Marvelites FTW
Using limited throws, throw the comic book geeks to cause reactions & get 1 into each garbage.

Missing Circuits
As a robot, throw balls at aliens, try to get all the gears & collapse structures when needed.

Sports Heads Racing
Race the AI cars as you jump off hills & do tricks for turbo. Car shocks are horrible, land perfect.

Hackers Escape
Escape the room by acquiring items & using the computers. Use items where indicated.

Royal Protectors
Setup turrets on grass & walkable areas to create mazes for the enemies to travel & die in.

Ninja Gravity
Throw Chinese stars & throwing knives at monsters as the gravity wells adjust their trajectory.

Bee Honey
Match the cubes as you work on removing the ones that have a yellow border to progress to new levels

Monster Mass Clashes 2
Unlock & send in the right type of monsters to your opponents side to defeat his incoming troops.

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The Bravest Hunter Game
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The Bravest Hunter

The Bravest Hunter Game Description
Hire squad members, train & upgrade them for armor & weapons to battle against AI fighters.

Detailed instructions and The Bravest Hunter help (If any)

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