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Feed Me
Bite onto the ground & ceiling to move. Eat flies & bees as you get upgrades to grow in length.

Village of Nightmares
Manage your squads as you send them off to loot & investigate. Get back to the village before night.

BotArena III
Piece together your bot with the best components to win the battles against AI bots.

Flower Flyer
Click on characters to push & pull the yellow flowers into the rainbow vortex.

Age of Defense 8
Upgrade the right aspects of your boulder thrower to be able to take out all the incoming forces.

Vineyard Escape
A good looking escape game. Explore each screen & pick up the items, to combine them & solve puzzles

Jump & double jump is the only action. Grapple to walls & avoid hitting saws & spikes.

Awoken Shadows
Look at the items at the bottom & find them in the scene. Items can be rotated & different shades.

Viking Adventure
Land on platforms to move upwards. Land on pads & get jetpack to rapidly move upwards. Avoid enemies

Fire the black ball & grab all the purple heads in as few shots as possible.

Rumble In The Soup
In this arena, auto-shooter, move your ducky around to avoid enemy fire. Grab coins for upgrades.

Decide which Colormon to move first, to keep them from running into each other as you gather symbols

Warfare Squad
Move each of your troops around & attack enemy soldiers in turn-based battles.

Halfling Tycoon
In this idle clicker, manage different parts of the game & what you upgrade around your village.

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The King of Dragons Game
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The King of Dragons

The King of Dragons Game Description
Fight henchmen & bosses in this pixelated, side angled fighter. Break chests to pickup goodies.

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