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8-Bit Mage
As your Mage auto-shoots, stay away from enemies & grab coins they drop to upgrade in shop.

Devilish Candy House
Cut ropes, rotate levers & flip switches to get the cookie to roll to the angel & not the evil girl.

1 Screen Hero
Grab coins, attack monsters & find keys as you reach the green square for the next level.

Red & Green 2
Shoot your cannon & push candy & circular monsters into each other.

Panda Ninja
Grapple along walls & the floor to get into grapple reach of the scrolls in bubbles.

Bottle on Head - Level Pack
Shoot the bottles off of all the heads, without sending the block person tumbling off the screen.

2048 Candy Gems
Slide the colored blocks in 2038 fashion. Create rows of 3 or more to remove them from the board.

Drag shapes to make a stackable surface for the lighter block to reach the outlined area.

Princess Favorite Place
Find the items that are hiding within each new colorful scene. Earn money to purchase new items.

Alien Crush Saga
Match the aliens into rows & columns of 3. Match more to turn into bombs & power ups. Watch the time

Smart Mover
Change the color of boxes & get them into the proper slots to unlock gates so you can reach the exit

Place mages, knights & archers to defend the pathway. Buy special powers with potions to help out.

Iron Knight
Defend the castle as you find items for repair in bushes. Pistol ammo can run out, be aware.

Feed The Figures
Drop the shapes to feed them different amounts of food. Use bombs to cause the right reactions.

 Games For Work » Action Games » Zombienation - Humans Escape Game
Zombienation - Humans Escape Game
Game Played 1652 Times

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Zombienation - Humans Escape with Friends and Social Networks
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Zombienation - Humans Escape

Zombienation - Humans Escape Game Description
Control which direction your squad moves. Shoot zombies as you walk by them, but not at them.

Detailed instructions and Zombienation - Humans Escape help (If any)

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