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The Devils Daughter
In this adult themed platformer, shooter, blast the enemies to get their souls back to your dad.

Video Game Monsters
Throw bombs, rocks & explosives to push programmers out of the way & kill video game monsters.

Dungeon Surge
Manage knight as you pick whether he attacks, defends, or surges. Click shops to gain powerups.

Travel threw walls to get the level to rotate. Use this ability to reach the exit portal.

Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 5
The Arcane series continues its story in another episode of click adventurering.

Me Wake Up Mini - Islet
Go inside your dream to gather items & help you get pass the escape game puzzles.

Dragon Dish
Move to the correct lane to spit fire at the incoming foes. Upgrade your dragon for the best defense

Wacky Pirate 2
Time your cannon shots as you try to hit the right boats. Farther boats require more lead time.

Escape From The Bannerman Castle at Newyork
Walk around & inside the abandoned house. Solve the escape puzzles by looking for clues & items.

Birds Joyride
Click to fly up & release to float down as a bird. Grab coins as you avoid enemies & obstacles.

Ninja Super Adventure
Jump & dash over gaps & spikes to reach all the floating gears. Jump up walls & time jumps right.

The Way of The Ninja
Grab gems in each large level. Avoid fast robots & fall damage in this updated version of "n".

Ship Harbor Escape
Gather items into your inventory & talk to those around you that aren't busy to get clues.

OnePiece vs Naruto
Select from a bunch of fighters & go up against the computer as you try to win each fight.

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Kingdom of Liars 3 Game
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Kingdom of Liars 3

Kingdom of Liars 3 Game Description
Explore the scene & talk to characters. Combine items together to progress the story.

Detailed instructions and Kingdom of Liars 3 help (If any)

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