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Dash Dash
Run in this platformer as you avoid the pursuing owl. Get coins for upgrades to reach new areas.

Slice Points
With limited, connected cuts, slice the shapes to make them all fall off the screen.

Pick the right units to use to be able to reach the cow & sacrifice it to the fire.

El Papel
Stretch your neck through the corridors as you try to get all the tacos & stars to get to the exit.

Advanced Army Training
Walk through to rooms & blast cardboard cut outs of terrorists. Throw grenades to clear full rooms.

Fling the saw blades into the zombies to protect your side. Upgrade & earn combos to do more killing

Dame Celeste
Move through the dungeons as you avoid guards & find keys & water to deposit into pipes.

Pou Fix Spaceship
Switch gravity to avoid spikes & reach different spaceship components to fix your space ride.

Empty Bottle Water Puzzle
Fill & empty bottles with water to fill the right jar with the right amount as indicated.

Winter Tank Strike
Drive your tank in the snow & blast turrets & bombs that are in your way without taking damage.

Fly your helicopter on the paper set & watch colorful explosions as you blow up enemy structures.

Post-Apocalyptic Italian Delivery
Deliver pizzas around town without taking too much damage in this pixelated, retro, management game.

Color Ize
Drag colored shapes together to change the playing field background color. End on the right color!

Bike Trial 4
Ride your motorcycle safely over an array of different objects that will try to tip you over.

 Games For Work » Puzzle Games » Flooded Village Holland Game
Flooded Village Holland Game
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Flooded Village Holland

Flooded Village Holland Game Description
Dissolve & create land to let the water flow to new areas. Don't drown villagers as you move water.

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