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Stick Squad
Read your objectives & customize your rifles as you take out stickmen without others seeing.

Krazy Kart 3D
Race as a pig driving a cart. Hit coins to afford car upgrades, as well as buying new tracks.

Tower Force II
Place & upgrade turrets in good spots as you defend against 50 waves of war vehicles coming in.

The Rogue Puzzle Game
Time your attacks right in this puzzle, RPG. Move into arrows when they're facing monsters to attack

Super Rally Challenge 2
Upgrade your rally car as you try to stay on the road & pass opponents in the 3D race world.

Kung-Fu Grandpa
Fight in the streets as a Kung-Fu Grandpa. Pick up money to be able to afford new grandpa upgrades.

Naughty Parties
Cause havoc at parties as you combine items. Make the party girls mad as you prank them.

Drift 2 Max
Race around in top-down perspective. Drift around corners to gain the upper hand against AI.

Silent Synapse
Make it through the tight corridors as you avoid different traps & obstacles trying to kill you.

Famous Paintings Parody 6
Determine the real name of the famous paintings as you view a parody of it.

Galaxy Siege 2
Drag n drop components of your ship to gather, defend & fuel it against space monsters.

Shoot green blobs in this sidescrolling, platformer. Grab keys & ammo to stay alive.

Dino Meat Hunt Extra 2
Use your 2 dinos to help each other grab all the meat hunks. Solve traps & get both to the exit.

Die Hipster
Explore & climb up the building to kill yourself. Progress as a dead soul & come back to life. 20MB

 Games For Work » Puzzle Games » Flooded Village Holland Game
Flooded Village Holland Game
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Flooded Village Holland with Friends and Social Networks
Flooded Village Holland

Flooded Village Holland Game Description
Dissolve & create land to let the water flow to new areas. Don't drown villagers as you move water.

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