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Den of Evil
In this top-down shooter, take out zombies & skeletons as you find keys & coins to progress.

Cemetery Guard
Use a mace to smack enemies & explode them. Later pick up a stake shooter to kill from a distance.

Fishing Humans
As a zombie, use different guns & a grappling hook to rip the humans brain right out of his skull.

Grav Escape
Jump on chickens & sheep as a rabbit. Change gravities direction to solve the platformers puzzles.

Activate elements in water to freeze & float in water that gets you to get the exit portal.

Change your players colors to be able to stand on platforms & avoid turret fire of different colors.

Cheese Adventure
Break boxes when the mouse is on them. Get the mouse to all the cheese by breaking wooden objects.

Dino Break Away
Slide & rotate fans to push the dino ball in the right direction to get all the eggs & exit.

Clickdeath Bowling
Kill all the stickmen without letting them see each other die or the remains of one another.

A Box Adventure
As a box jump on collapsing platforms & get all the gems while avoiding enemies.

Banana Bounce
Fling your purple character as few times as possible to reach the exit tent. Beware of boxes!

Zombie Die Hard 2
Shoot all the zombies directly or cause reactions to physical objects to take them out.

Ugi The Time Traveler
Draw a pathway to allow safe travel to each levels exit. Don't use too much drawing juice.

Zuzu the Elf & The Box of Banishment
Jump over obstacles in this auto-runner as different monsters chase you on each new level.

 Games For Work » Physics Games » Save the Dummy - Level Pack Game
Save the Dummy - Level Pack Game
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Save the Dummy - Level Pack with Friends and Social Networks
Save the Dummy - Level Pack

Save the Dummy - Level Pack Game Description
Click on red objects to remove them & get the ragdoll stickman off the screen.

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