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Piggy in The Puddle 2
Use the different animals & their abilities to help push & roll the pig into the bucket of mud.

Angry Sheep
Assign different abilities to the sheep to help the group get to the farmer for sheering.

Invert Selection - Levels Pack
Create boxes that add, subtract & invert the current selection to make the given shape.

Mario Cannon
Fire bullets at the towers to send them collapsing & killing all of Mario's enemies.

Match to Travel
Match traveling symbols & drag bombs at any time. Score enough points to progress.

Annoying Red Box
Launch balls & make all the red blocks tumble off their platforms & off the screen.

Chicks With Guns
Shoot enemies in this hard platformer. Grab money to earn enough for new weapons to help beat levels

The Dukes Messenger
Find the hidden objects within the scene that are listed at the bottom. Use multiple hints to help.

Anger On The Street
Fire balls of crap at the rich business men. Try to knock them off their towers to win.

Whale Hop
Make the whale hop out of the water just right to reach all the fire flies & candy for extra points.

Pixel Staff
Shoot your mage's staff at skeletons, goblin's spiders & other mages. Unlock higher jumps & more.

Grab gears & jump on robots as you get keys to open up exits. Avoid touching level gears that kill.

Finger vs Guns
Swing & wave your finger around, trying to defeat the enemy that has guns & grenades.

Defend Us
Set up turrets to kill incoming forces. No speed up can make the game slow for regular TD players.

 Games For Work » Puzzle Games » Sparkman - Stop World Game
Sparkman - Stop World Game
Game Played 963 Times

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Sparkman - Stop World with Friends and Social Networks
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Sparkman - Stop World

Sparkman - Stop World Game Description
Stop the world at the right moment to travel from one side of the screen to the other. Gets tricky.

Detailed instructions and Sparkman - Stop World help (If any)

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