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Red Shape Alert
Some complex, physics puzzles where you keep the green safe & the red off the screen.

Physics Cup - Playoffs
Get the soccer ball to the goal by clicking green squares & getting rid of red squares.

Juicy Bazooka
Ricochet your watermelon bazooka off of surfaces & cause box falling reactions to kill the burglars.

Frozen Islands
Take over islands by creating larger groups of vikings. Select when they use their special attacks.

Bomb Town 2 - Blow up Paris
Cause enough damage with a single bomb drop per level to progress.

Aqua Jelly Puzzle
Remove the proper shapes & fast to get the jelly safely on the ground instead of falling off.

Monster Truck Ultimate Playground
Fill up on nitro & get over the vehicles & jumps without tipping. Earn money to upgrade your truck.

Feed It
Launch food accurately at the monster. Later levels contain bombs & multiple creatures.

The Gun Game Redux
Stay in the highlighted area & fire at targets moving towards you. 3 different game modes.

The Greedy Sailor
As your pirate ship sails, fire your cannon & hit enough gold coins to progress to new levels.

Release the Mooks 3
Drop all the Mooks from the highlighted area. Land them on the platform evenly, as to not tip off.

Catch the Cheese
Float & deflate the mouse to get stars & cause reactions that get the cheese rolling.

Fling the 3 monsters at the structure. Get all the bags of money as you relaunch the monsters.

Frozy and Fred
Grab pieces of candy, hit blocks overhead, & jump on enemies. Watch out for collapsing ground.

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Twelve O Game
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Twelve O

Twelve O Game Description
Tough puzzles await you in this simplistic looking, but tough to beat clock game.

Detailed instructions and Twelve O help (If any)

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