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Mario Physics Adventure
Jump super high as Mario & squish his enemies. Get coins & even hop on a bike in later levels.

Balloon Bombardier
Fire your cannon unlimited times & cause chain reactions in the environment to pop all the balloons.

Shine Wars 2
Remove stars, create wind & drop the sun & moon so they push each another out to create night & day.

Box Dude Tower Defence DX
Place your towers around the pathway. Use each towers abilities to help aid you in killing box dudes

Cactus Roll
Remove the correct shapes to get the boy & girl cactus to meet. Avoid touching desert animals.

Trollface Quest Sports
Click on items in each new level to troll the guy in each scene.

Spiky Cat
Get stars & stick to wooden surfaces with your cat spikes. Beware of saws that want to kill you.

Slice Geom
Choose between easy or hard mode as you cut shapes into equal peices, using specific # of cuts.

Find Sneaky Dungeon
Explore the scenes & find items. Solve puzzles like lighting skulls & your torch to see.

Treasures of Atlantida
Similar to the classic Lander, use fuel to fly your rocket. Get stars, avoid walls & land gently.

Steel Dangers 2
In this top-down, mech shooter, get cash by shooting boxes, turrets & enemy mechs.

They Have Stolen Our Sun
Fling your super hero blocks into objects to move them & get all the stars & hit the zombies.

Dragocubes Valley
With limited shots, knock all the Dragocubes off. Later levels have reverse gravity blocks.

Moto Tomb Racer II
Ride your bike & trigger tomb traps & ramps. Beware of decapitating saw blades!

 Games For Work » Escape Games » Noir Escape Game
Noir Escape Game
Game Played 2635 Times

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Noir Escape

Noir Escape Game Description
Search for clues in your office that you're trapped in. Enjoy the oldie, noir look to the game.

Detailed instructions and Noir Escape help (If any)

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