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Infectonator! Survivors
Send your team of survivors to clear areas with zombies. Craft & research to become a stronger team.

Race & launch missiles at AI cars, motorcycles & helicopters. Fight enemy car robots in some levels.

Strategy Defense 9
Build the right units as they automatically flow to the enemy. Defeat the enemy defenses.

Freezing Rider
Bike over icy hills & objects stuck in the snow. Try to make it up hills without tipping over.

Zombie Hearts Chicken
Chase after, & eat chickens, but beware of obstacles & chicks strapped with TNT.

Lil Racerz
Race around the track & use your nitro to gain an advantage in this top-down racer against AI.

Slime Mix
Combine similar slimes to grow them larger. Meet the required slime combos to progress.

Guess the Animal 2
After finding all the hidden items, you are quizzed as to what animal was on the screen at the time.

Naughty Roommate
Click around the room to pick items to prank your roommate with. Make her slip & fall as you prank.

Zap the colored boxes with the same colored laser that you turn on & off.

Click to attack zombies & knights in this isometric game that feels a lot like the Diablo series.

Steel-Jack - Level Pack
Jump over, slide under, & jump on walls to avoid obstacles & grab gems in this auto runner.

Little Phobia
Push & pull stools to get over nightmarish obstacles. Close your eyes to keep the ghost away.

Donkey Kong Truckin
Drive your truck as Donkey Kong over the barrels & jumps. Grab as many bananas as you can reach.

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Noir Escape Game
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Noir Escape

Noir Escape Game Description
Search for clues in your office that you're trapped in. Enjoy the oldie, noir look to the game.

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