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Bouncy Cannon
Fire shots to break all the correct colored blocks & while preventing some guys from falling off.

Zombienguins Attack
Drop different items to try and crush all the zombie penguins & get all the stars.

Super Adventure - Battle Arena
Knock off enemies from the floating platform to progress to new levels, where you do the exact same.

MotoX Fun Ride
Ride your bike & perform stunts when you actually find a jump big enough. Easy & short levels.

Fight off enemies as a stickman in this sidescroller & grab the goodies that fall out of them.

Hunter for Dismantlers
Move & place traps to catch robots in this high learning curve, clicking game.

Jellies Fun
Match the jellies to change any yellow tiles to blue & progress.

Astro Teemo
Fly up n down as you avoid lasers & blasts coming at you. Grab as many coins as you can.

Oswald - The Angry Dwarf
Chop down items as you upgrade your items. Quite lame that you need luck when forging new axes.

Donald The Dino
Find the proper items in the scene & combine objects you find to allow you to pass each area.

Acid Rising
Make your way upwards through the sidescroller, grabbing documents & reach the exit before the acid.

3 Pandas in Fantasy
Click in the right spots to move the pandas where you want them. Make towers or throw the small one.

Bomb The Pirate Pigs
Jump on platforms, get the stars & blow up pandas before your bomb timer runs out.

Another Life 2
Control your 2 characters to help each other over obstacles. Reach all the keys & get to the exit.

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Double Win Game
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Double Win

Double Win Game Description
Use 2 characters to flip switches & push boxes to solve puzzles. Nice use of no "next level" screens

Detailed instructions and Double Win help (If any)

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