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Dodo vs Darwin
Gather food to plant trees as a Dodo bird. Get a mate & give birth as you collect food.

Sith Assault
Use the force to cause reactions on the beams & exploding barrels. Take out all the droids.

The Tricky Tumblers
Move the liquids around in the containers. Equal the right amount in the largest vase.

Bike Tricks
Draw the shapes on the ground to make the biker perform the correct stunts in time.

Jokers Wild Poker Solitaire
Click 5 cards that are touching that form a good hand. Make sure your last hand isn't complete crap.

How To Cook Everything
Toss anything into the pan & cook away. The specifics aren't important, just the actions.

Tricky Little Lander
Without using all your fuel, move your lander to the other pad without crashing.

Trick Shooter
Aim just right, to knock bottles off, or ricochet bottles into other bottles.

Super Idle Imagination
Click & upgrade to develop games & win awards. Seems very limited compared to other clickers.

Spooky Hunter
Clear the combos of colored monsters by simply pressing the correlating key.

Dusty Monsters
Change default character shapes into new shapes to cause reactions. Get all candy to the monster.

Awaken of Mummies
Plant TNT & explode platforms & items to cause reactions that kill all the zombies.

Dwarfs Quest
Draw a single magic line that saves the dwarf from falling, picks up the gem, & drops the orc off.

Car Destroyer
Adjust the speed & ramp angle to get the car to crash into the structure & take out other cars.

 Games For Work » Action Games » Effing Worms Xmas Game
Effing Worms Xmas Game
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Effing Worms Xmas

Effing Worms Xmas Game Description
That Effing Worm returns in this holiday edition. Dig threw the ground & popup to eat Christmas favs

Detailed instructions and Effing Worms Xmas help (If any)

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