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Fly your helicopter on the paper set & watch colorful explosions as you blow up enemy structures.

Post-Apocalyptic Italian Delivery
Deliver pizzas around town without taking too much damage in this pixelated, retro, management game.

Color Ize
Drag colored shapes together to change the playing field background color. End on the right color!

Bike Trial 4
Ride your motorcycle safely over an array of different objects that will try to tip you over.

Hobo Run
Grab pieces of gold & jump over gaps in this infinite runner. Jump or over enemies to stay alive.

Save The Alien
Remove the correct items to get the aliens to fall in the right order. Get all aliens to the caves.

Spiderman Save Children
Swing through the level as Spiderman, avoid hitting light poles as you rescue the children.

Roman Mahjong
Find the matching Mahjong pieces that have adjacent sides not blocked. Easy to understand tutorial.

The Time Traveler
Find all the hiding objects within the steam punk lairs of the time traveler.

Bravo Pilot
Test your skills as you fly threw the cavern without hitting any stalactites or stalagmites.

Gluttonous Spider
Release the spider from his web at the right times to fling the spider into the candy.

Space Cropper
Cut off pieces of space as you blow up enemy ships & gather powerups to become stronger.

Rotate the element your ninja is fighting with to do more damage to enemies. Watch that health bar!

Crazy Animals - The Rescue
Click items in the right order as you bounce all the animals safely to the ark.

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Ninja Painter 2 Game
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Ninja Painter 2

Ninja Painter 2 Game Description
Grab paint as you move across the spots that need painting. Find keys & don't get stuck in rooms.

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