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Bobby Da Arrow
Fire arrows at enemies as they slowly move towards you. Free trapped friends by hitting targets.

Splitman 2
Run into saw blades that split you up. Use your multiple versions to help pass over deadly obstacles

Mercurial Story
Get pills & jump off ledges. Fling back & forth between worlds & moods as the story is told.

Zom Buddies
As 2 rednecks, defend the land of the free from zombies. Upgrade & take out all the incoming zombies

Mad Burger Wild West 3
Make your burger & launch it in this distance game. Grab limes & avoid the hands of cowboy catchers.

Thats How We Roll
Rotate the world so that your golden boys roll. Get your entire group & avoid deadly traps.

Rally Stage 2014
Race against other rally cars in 1st person perspective. Upgrade & use your turbo to win.

Create ice blocks to step on & drag rows of blocks as you try to reach all the flowers.

Fight enemies in turn-based attacks against opponents that can be hard to beat. Limited gameplay.

Just Type This
Type the words out to run across the top of them. Beware of obstacles that will kill you.

Driving Force
Catch up to enemies, avoid traffic & fire your machine gun as baddies try to hit you with missiles.

Men of Iron
Send your troops down the right path to combat enemy forces approaching your castle.

Hydra Dominatus
Move through the world in top-down gameplay. Battle enemies in turn-based battles.

Click Him 2
Click & upgrade turrets to be strong enough to take on more waves. Don't have to click enemies.

 Games For Work » Escape Games » Detective Grimoire - Demo Edition Game
Detective Grimoire - Demo Edition Game
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Detective Grimoire - Demo Edition with Friends and Social Networks
Detective Grimoire - Demo Edition

Detective Grimoire - Demo Edition Game Description
Solve the mystery in this point & click world. Very well done, with unique game mechanics & puzzles.

Detailed instructions and Detective Grimoire - Demo Edition help (If any)

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