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Bunny Flags 2
Setup turrets & control a main bunny as you shoot enemies. Levels are pathway, others are maze based

Bad Ice-Cream 3
Blast threw ice walls & get all the fruit to finish levels. Avoid enemies as more appear later on.

Duke Dashington
In this platformer / skill game, avoid running into spikes as you move in Sokoban style along walls.

The Company of Copperhill
Battle against enemies with your team. Choose your method of attack & keep your teams health up.

Cruisin II
Race around 3D tracks & upgrade your car. Earn turbo by catching drafts behind opponent cars.

Hopy Paradise
Help Hopy get pass all the obstacles by clicking in different areas of each scene.

Pyramid Maze
Use your 2 treasure hunters to help each other out & get all the gems to open the next tomb doors.

Frenzy Casino
Manage your casino as you drag n drop visitors to different tables. Multiple floors to manage.

Fire - Sacred Elements
Find the hidden objects in each level. Replay levels to try & get the max stars on each.

Battle Blades - Black Version
Spin your blade & try to knock your opponent out of the ring or do enough damage.

Super Police Persuit
Chase AI racers in your cop car. Take them down by running them into walls or hitting at high speed.

League Heroes
Avoid enemies firing at your Mage while you add & upgrade your squad. Protect your Mage at all cost.

No Time To Explain
Take out bosses & use your powerful gun to avoid obstacles by shooting under yourself & jumping.

Farm Frenzy
The original Farm Frenzy. Gather eggs, plant grass, capture bears & selling all your products.

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Wasted Colony Game
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Wasted Colony

Wasted Colony Game Description
Defend the safe house during the zombie apocalypse. Set traps & send survivors out for resources.

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