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Push & pull contraptions to make the purple monster reach all the stars & finish by eating the donut

Hero in the Ocean 2
Grab stars & push bombs to clear blocked pathways. Safely reach the treasure chest as a submarine.

Inner Demon
In this Sokoban styled game, be a demon & grab gems. Take control of the human for more control.

Lazy Goat Love Candy
Drag & drop shapes to create a clear, walkable path for the sheep to reach the candy.

Slimes Turn
As the rolling slime, find upgrades to allow you to reach new areas of this pixeled, sidescroller.

Pou Puzzle Jelly World 2
Remove the proper blocks & rocks to avoid spiked mines & bounce to the grassy platform.

Rotate the marbles to align them in the proper rows & colums designated by the colored dots.

Ninjago Secret Key
Jump & spin over gaps in this infinite runner. Spin threw crystals to keep from dying.

Nekra Psaria
Gather items in this artsie styled escape game. Move outwards from your initial location.

Idle Dialectics
Click on the smart animals as you debate in this idle clicker game with upgrades.

Dig threw circuits & avoid the bombs dropping on you as you grab pickups & reach the exit.

Little Stars for Little Wars - Players Pack 2
Take control of all the globes, as you control flow of forces to each planet.

Freezy Mammoth
Freeze & unfreeze mammoths & platforms. Get all to roll to the exit as you grab all the stars.

Mario Go Adventure
Fill in blocks & turn Mario around when needed to get all the stars & reach the exit safely.

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Wasted Colony Game
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Wasted Colony

Wasted Colony Game Description
Defend the safe house during the zombie apocalypse. Set traps & send survivors out for resources.

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