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Tesla Defense 2
Create defenses as large groups of enemy troops come in. Mind which upgrades you start with.

Glue Knight
Jump over gaps, fight enemies & stick to walls in this auto-scroller.

Viking Valor
Defend your castle with your cannon. Shoot the incoming vikings to earn money for upgrades.

Still Alive
Protect the cabin as you shoot incoming zombies. Upgrade for new guns or better shooting.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue
Shoot enemies & turrets in this sidescroller. Trigger computers to open doors & act as save points.

Kung Fu Panda - Enter The Dragon
Avoid falling as you double jump over large gaps as you gather small flames. Avoid large fires.

Bump Battle Royale
As your bumper car auto-rotates, time your direction to go just right to push the enemy off.

Paper Dodge
Stay alive for as long as possible as you avoid rain, blocks & bombs that are dropped into the arena

Puzzle Rescue - Prime
Collapse the shapes by mousing over groups. Remove enough or certain ones to progress.

The Last Dino
Click when to jump to avoid enemies & obstacles. Some levels, click to change directions.

Beaver Blocks
Remove as few shapes as possible to try & get the beaver to his baby beavers while avoiding foxes.

Slide the colored tiles left & right to create the proper pattern. Earn coins to skip hard levels.

Power Rangers Hero Racing
Ride your bike as a Power Ranger. Keep from crashing by bottoming out your bike or flipping.

Underworld Rush
Drive your car & pick up coins to buy upgrades. Avoid or shoot witches so they don't damage your car

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Retriever Game
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Retriever with Friends and Social Networks

Retriever Game Description
Blast your way in to get the case, then gun down all the cops that show up afterwards.

Detailed instructions and Retriever help (If any)

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