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Keeper of The Grove 3
Place your creature turrets to attack the enemies that follow the path & try to steal the gems.

Slice The Box - Level Pack
Using limited slices, cut the shape out of the box. Grab n drag on menu if not showing level 1.

Everybody Edits
Play as a guest or register to edit levels that other smiley players are able to play on online.

The Cake is a Lie
Grab coins & jump over gaps. Avoid spikes & saw blades. Later levels have specific rules to follow.

Fire & Might 2
Fly as a dragon & blow fire at the soldiers attacking you. Click to use powerful fireball.

Go Robots 2
Click items to remove them as you get both robots to their portals on their opposite sides.

Monster Squad 3
Move about the map & meet monsters to attack with your squad in RPG fashion.

Escape From L33T
Click on the right areas to work your way out of the building. Click wrong & die.

Spell Idle
Cast spells & earn money to upgrade & afford new spells in this idle clicker.

Jump & move back n forth jumping on stick soldiers & civilians. Earn as many points as possible.

The Devils Daughter
In this adult themed platformer, shooter, blast the enemies to get their souls back to your dad.

Video Game Monsters
Throw bombs, rocks & explosives to push programmers out of the way & kill video game monsters.

Dungeon Surge
Manage knight as you pick whether he attacks, defends, or surges. Click shops to gain powerups.

Travel threw walls to get the level to rotate. Use this ability to reach the exit portal.

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Cave Chaos Game
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Cave Chaos

Cave Chaos Game Description
Run along the pathway as it's being created, but don't go to fast! Grab gems and powerups.

Detailed instructions and Cave Chaos help (If any)

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