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Wacky Strike
Send out troops to attack the enemy on the opposite side. Build structures to aid in creating faster

Cosmo Gravity
Jump over saw blades, slide on ice, float using fans & rotate the levels as you reach the exit.

Save Astronauts
Drop barrels & beams to protect the astronauts from the UFO laser beam. Watch out for explosions!

Ten Gen
Drag the numbered tiles to another tile with the same number. Tile dragging must have a clear path.

Penguin Pounce
Figure out where to place the bombs by the penguin so that he is launched to the igloo.

Gold Spot
Move your grappler left n right as you try to unearth all the golden nuggets.

McGees Farm
Find multiples of the same hidden objects that are hiding within each new farm area.

Upload This
Pick up boxes with your magnetic lifter & place them on the cargo transporter safely.

Hit Logic
Knock the red pieces off without letting any of your black n white pieces slide off.

Jontron - Bird vs Camel
As a parrot, shoot the incoming camels to protect the guy while he games. Tougher camels come later.

War Heroes
Setup towers to defend the base. Drop mines, paratroopers & missile strikes. No way to speed up game

Nervous Bot
In this platformer, complete all the actions for each level to progress. Miss moving left & do over.

Slumdog Billionaire
Similar to "Threes" slide the coins to combine & make larger coins. Earn enough to reach the goal.

Blocks 2
With limited moves, align the blocks so each type are removed without leaving any left over.

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BioPhysics 3D Game
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BioPhysics 3D

BioPhysics 3D Game Description
In the 3D world, place sticks of TNT to bring the structures and block stacks tumbling down.

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