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Dead Rider
Ride your bike as a skeleton & jump off ramps. Grab coins & don't touch exploding barrels.

Tap Heroes
Click to heal your heroes & your enemies. Manually have to switch to new levels.

I Will Die 2
Try to kill yourself as fast as possible as you push buttons, warp threw teleporters & more.

Place limited bombs on the structures in the correct spots to collapse them below the dashed line.

Biker Burnout
Ride your bike over contraptions as you try to keep from tipping over. Try flips if you want.

Draw Your Way
Using limited ink, draw a pathway to walk on. Reach the flag to progress.

Fun Car
Use your car & push obstacles around to get to the exit as you keep from tipping over.

Toto in The Frozen Land
Get coins to buy new lives as you get the key to rescue your friend. Jump on or avoid enemies.

Throw The Head
Throw the head just right so that it lands on the spinal columns of those that are missing heads.

Punch Ball Jump
Punch or dodge the ball around the world as you play against an AI or other person at your keyboard.

Mario Physics Adventure
Jump super high as Mario & squish his enemies. Get coins & even hop on a bike in later levels.

Balloon Bombardier
Fire your cannon unlimited times & cause chain reactions in the environment to pop all the balloons.

Shine Wars 2
Remove stars, create wind & drop the sun & moon so they push each another out to create night & day.

Box Dude Tower Defence DX
Place your towers around the pathway. Use each towers abilities to help aid you in killing box dudes

 Games For Work » Skill Games » Brave Kings - Players Pack Game
Brave Kings - Players Pack Game
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Brave Kings - Players Pack with Friends and Social Networks
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Brave Kings - Players Pack

Brave Kings - Players Pack Game Description
Fire arrows at wooden structures and characters. Take out all people to progress.

Detailed instructions and Brave Kings - Players Pack help (If any)

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