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Save The Pig - Level Pack
Grab all the blue orbs & reach the exit portal as you avoid obstacles & push rocks to reach ledges.

Stick Blender
Defend your stickman blender by circling the enemies & dropping them in to be ground up.

Frankie Dino
Rotate platforms & springs to push the balls into each other. Cause an explosion to push the egg off

Backkom to Save Penguins
Drag n drop the shapes from below onto the playing area to help the penguins reach the exit.

Alien Bottle Buccaneer
Ricochet unlimited shots as you try to break the skulls & the bottles of poison.

Cube Escape - The Lake
Can you escape the small fishing shack? Combine items from your inventory to solve the puzzles.

Zombie Leo
Push buttons & control Leo's speed to avoid obstacles & get Leo to the exit safely.

String of Pearls
Find all the items hiding in the rooms. Use hints to spot items hidden too well.

Similar to Pac-Man, travel through the levels grabbing pills while avoiding baddies.

Fast Feed
Push left or right to feed the fox & the sheep the right foods. Mess up & you start over.

Sushi Catapult
Fire Sushi Cat with the most power. Fly threw the air & eat as much food as possible for upgrades.

Brutal Swing
Grapple onto pigeons with your sausage cleavers. Get higher & higher to earn money & unlock players.

Sewer Sweater Search
Grapple onto walls & poles while your in a inner-tube in the water. Go after coins to win.

Daddy Please Stack
Get all the weird shapes to balance on the platform. Level shapes are random & will be different.

 Games For Work » Skill Games » Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game
Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game
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Crusade 3 - Players Pack

Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game Description
Launch your cannonballs to kill all the enemies on player created levels.

Detailed instructions and Crusade 3 - Players Pack help (If any)

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