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Super Police Persuit
Chase AI racers in your cop car. Take them down by running them into walls or hitting at high speed.

League Heroes
Avoid enemies firing at your Mage while you add & upgrade your squad. Protect your Mage at all cost.

No Time To Explain
Take out bosses & use your powerful gun to avoid obstacles by shooting under yourself & jumping.

Farm Frenzy
The original Farm Frenzy. Gather eggs, plant grass, capture bears & selling all your products.

Midnight Miner
Mine the earth deeper & deeper. Run into minerals you can mine, but avoid solid rock.

Sink My Treasure
Grab onto objects to cause physical reactions that get the treasure chest to drop into the water.

Human vs Monster 2
Upgrade & place units around the enemy village. Take out enemy huts & the enemies within to win.

Super Truck
Drive your truck over the simple terrain. Grab all the rocks & keep from tipping your truck over.

Sheriff Wannabe
Fire multiple sheriffs from the cannon. Try to get all the badges in as few of shots as possible.

Smells Like Art
Visit different areas in town & pick up items for your inventory. Use the items to solve the puzzles

Super Chibi Knight
Talk to characters & combat enemies to earn XP & upgrade your Chibi in this well drawn game.

Sword & Fire
Select the path to send your built units on. Buy & upgrade your units between levels to combat enemy

Project Borgs Is Out Of Control
Shoot enemies & capture their fallen parts to buy upgrades. Be careful, levels are destructible.

Bombing Zombies
Remove items to get bombs rolling to zombies or visa-versa. Explode all zombies to win.

 Games For Work » Skill Games » Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game
Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game
Game Played 4148 Times

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Crusade 3 - Players Pack

Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game Description
Launch your cannonballs to kill all the enemies on player created levels.

Detailed instructions and Crusade 3 - Players Pack help (If any)

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