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Theft Super Cars
Race across the border as you steal cars, use nitro & blow up or evade the chasing cops.

Mysterious Pirate Jewels
Mouse over aligned jewels & clear the ones that have a golden background tiles. Use the key to win.

Clicker Heroes
Click monsters, buy teammates & progress to new levels that pay better in this endless mouse clicker

Offroad Police Racing
Drive your truck & grab stars over increasingly jagged terrain. Use nitro to make big jumps.

Operation Desert Sabre
In this top-down tank shooter, blast enemy tanks, grab treasures & reach the rocket.

Counter Terrorism
Snipe all the terrorists in the scene. Similar to a hidden object game.

Cool Crazy Taxi
Drive around town & pick up passengers to earn your fare. Don't run over pedestrians.

Patterns Link
Match the patterns together with connector lines. Lines can only contain so many angled turns.

Rock n Risk Blitz
Land on the right colored platforms as you fall to gain big jackpots. Use parachute to fall slowly.

Photo Hunt Tangled
Zoom in & out of the scene with your camera. Try to match your sizes with the photos already given.

Feed Me Moar 2
Cause reactions to make magnets & objects help the liquid get into the monster's mouths.

Droid Hunter
Shoot robots as you fly using your jetpack. Grab goo for upgrades & health in this sidescroller.

Beaver Blocks 2
Remove the blocks & get the beaver to safely tumble to the other beavers. Don't touch wolf block!

Aboriginal Brothers
Use the brothers to reach the bones. Jump on each others heads, but don't get stuck behind blocks.

 Games For Work » Skill Games » Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game
Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game
Game Played 3940 Times

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Crusade 3 - Players Pack with Friends and Social Networks
Crusade 3 - Players Pack

Crusade 3 - Players Pack Game Description
Launch your cannonballs to kill all the enemies on player created levels.

Detailed instructions and Crusade 3 - Players Pack help (If any)

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