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Puzzle Tower
Move the 2 characters together as you get stars & avoid stepping on spikes. Get both to the keys.

Eat boxes as a worm to form your body. Get eaten boxes next to uneaten ones of the same color.

The Big Escape
Control gravity as an alien to get all the stars, avoid spikes & reach your UFO safely.

Rich Man Island Survival
Control the Arabic man between walking, turning & stopping. Flip switches & go threw portals.

Hungry Worms 2
Match the fruits & make combos for powerups as you try to keep the worms from getting the fruit.

Soccer Doctor 2
Pull pins out & cut off feet as you keep the patient in as little pain as possible.

The Curiosity Shop
Find the hiding objects that are listed at the bottom. Each object can vary in size from the list.

Famous Paintings Parodies 7
Look at the parody & the real picture & try to determine the name of the actual painting.

Stick Figure Test Facility
Choose which way the test operators want the stickmen to die. More about watching them die.

Knock the grenade back n forth against an AI or other player at your keyboard in Pong fashion.

Protect your castle as you auto-fire your bow. Buy support characters to help defend against forces.

Ninja Shape
Push buttons & create reactions that pull, push & roll the ninja into stars & slash his target.

Castle Kaboom
Send castles collapsing as each level as you crash it in different ways. Controls are poor later on.

Monster Frontier
Train your monster in click battles & combat AI creatures as you gather items & become stronger.

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Mass Mayhem 2 Game
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Mass Mayhem 2

Mass Mayhem 2 Game Description
Launch and control your missile as it cuts people in half, then run into a group of people & explode

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