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Shoot, use magical powers & throw grenades to kill large & small demons in the tight FPS corridors.

Stick - Gangster Duel
Pickup better guns to shoot the enemy off the platform enough times that he can't jump back on.

Mario Bike Recharged
Ride your bike as Mario & grab coins & switch direction as you run over Mario's enemies.

Cannon Defense
Defend your turret as you upgrade the right aspects to defend against soldiers & choppers.

Start with the easy levels or jump straight to the last for a challenge of shooting parasites.

Mesmemarble 2
Control the marble as you get the stars, avoid some holes & walls. Role to the exit without dying.

Lost Golem
Help the Indian girl scavenge for parts lying around. Combine them to help her finish each puzzle.

Bird Slice
Slice the birds that are thrown onto the screen. Avoid bombs & choose your gameplay mode.

The Golden Mask
Find the hiding objects in the scenes that have been rotated or dulled in color to make it harder.

Steam Train Challenge
Drive your train along the railroad as you safely carry enough cargo to the end to progress.

Stick Squad
Read your objectives & customize your rifles as you take out stickmen without others seeing.

Krazy Kart 3D
Race as a pig driving a cart. Hit coins to afford car upgrades, as well as buying new tracks.

Tower Force II
Place & upgrade turrets in good spots as you defend against 50 waves of war vehicles coming in.

The Rogue Puzzle Game
Time your attacks right in this puzzle, RPG. Move into arrows when they're facing monsters to attack

 Games For Work » Management Games » Bed and Breakfast Game
Bed and Breakfast Game
Game Played 8515 Times

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Bed and Breakfast with Friends and Social Networks
Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Game Description
Give customers bed and breakfast as you manage your hotel. Don't forget to clean up after them.

Detailed instructions and Bed and Breakfast help (If any)

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