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Click to attack zombies & knights in this isometric game that feels a lot like the Diablo series.

Steel-Jack - Level Pack
Jump over, slide under, & jump on walls to avoid obstacles & grab gems in this auto runner.

Little Phobia
Push & pull stools to get over nightmarish obstacles. Close your eyes to keep the ghost away.

Donkey Kong Truckin
Drive your truck as Donkey Kong over the barrels & jumps. Grab as many bananas as you can reach.

Gravi Jello
Rotate the board to make the blocks fall into similar colored groups that you can click to remove.

Hope into a drilling machine & digg for gems in this sidescroller.

Battle Gear vs Humaliens Battle 3
Send different types of units to the enemy side. Too much money makes the game unbalanced.

Zombie Infection Mayhem
Drive your truck over beams that create jumps. Grab coins to increase your score.

Battle against another person at your keyboard. Grab ammo for cannons & even send attack dogs out.

Kings Klondike
Match the cards in columns as you alternate between red & black in this solitaire-like card game.

Shoot zombies in multiple arenas as you pick up guns & try to keep the zombie horde thinned down.

Swallow & spit out boxes to kill enemies & reach new areas & save caged animals.

Schrodingers Cat
Try to escape Schrodinger as you move & use your ghost to access wall outlets to solve puzzles.

Snoring Before Time
Click animals to cause chain reactions that capture all the stars & wake up the elephant.

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Build The Bridge Game
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Build The Bridge with Friends and Social Networks
Build The Bridge

Build The Bridge Game Description
Drag and rotate the items to build a bridge for your train. Don't let the train crash as it crosses.

Detailed instructions and Build The Bridge help (If any)

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