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Oni Yu Can Scare Them
Possess objects to scare game characters. Certain ones can detect you when you move & can kill you.

Nambers - Level Pack
Slide the tiles to make their layout the same as the one given below. Some tiles lock after slides.

Fish & Destroy
Eat regular fish while shooting devil fish & bomb fish. Grab batteries for energy.

Switch between on & off states as you try to make all hexagons filled in the hive.

Similar to "Virus" gameplay, change colors as few times as possible to make all one color.

Me Wake Up Mini - Pinang
Enter the dream world to pick up items that you bring back to the real world to help you escape.

Undercover Mission
Try to spot all the hidden objects that are in the scene. Some are small, some are different colors.

Battle Golf
Make your angle & power just right to hit the golf ball into the hole. Play with 2 at your keyboard.

Temple of Knowledge 2
Solve each puzzle to get a number to add to the combination lock.

50 Targets
As the crosshairs auto move, click to fire when the crosshairs are over the target.

Monster Crusher
Throw zombies into all the gems & gold. Use portals & avoid saw blades.

Big Bad Ape
Cause damage through the level by crushing & throwing things. Throw & chomp down on people.

Wheres My Bed
In as few slides as possible, move the colored cats to the correctly colored beds.

Grand Apartment Escape
Hunt down keys in the different areas that are open. Use keys to access new rooms that were locked.

 Games For Work » Sniper Games » Assassin Jane Doe Game
Assassin Jane Doe Game
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Assassin Jane Doe

Assassin Jane Doe Game Description
After being shown what your target looks like, find them and snipe them. Includes escape missions.

Detailed instructions and Assassin Jane Doe help (If any)

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