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Gluttonous Spider
Release the spider from his web at the right times to fling the spider into the candy.

Space Cropper
Cut off pieces of space as you blow up enemy ships & gather powerups to become stronger.

Rotate the element your ninja is fighting with to do more damage to enemies. Watch that health bar!

Crazy Animals - The Rescue
Click items in the right order as you bounce all the animals safely to the ark.

3D Jet Truck
Race against your opponents as you avoid oil slicks. Hit the colored splatters for speed boosts.

Insanity Town
Solve the puzzles to get the door to unlock in this short, puzzler, sidescroller.

Click on groups of 3 or more same colored faces to remove them. Don't let the container fill up.

Turbomole Trial Run
As Turbomole auto runs, grab carrots & avoid running into traps or down gaps.

Spider Monkey Jump
Jump back n forth between walls. Avoid wall enemies, while hitting flying enemies for jump boosts.

Johnny Hopper
Time your jumps just right ot reach the stars & each the exit portal in the simplistic levels.

Viking Warfare
Setup swordsmen & archer towers. Create docks to make boats as you defend your goal chest.

Cosmo Gravity 2
Avoid saw blades & grab crystals as you push buttons that can rotate the levels. Don't slip on ice!

As a barbarian with a sword & pistol, shoot & slash your way to the end of the sidescroller levels.

Mario Mushroom Adventure
Jump on Goombas & turtles as you grab mushrooms & flowers to defeat the enemies & grab their coins.

 Games For Work » Action Games » Twin Cat Warrior Game
Twin Cat Warrior Game
Game Played 68270 Times

(126 Votes)

Twin Cat Warrior with Friends and Social Networks
Twin Cat Warrior

Twin Cat Warrior Game Description
Solve the puzzles in this sidescrolling platform game as you control both cats to help each other.

Detailed instructions and Twin Cat Warrior help (If any)

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