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Bloody Night
Defend the princess in the tower as you shoot zombies. Don't let the zombies damage the towers.

Angry Birds - Find Your Partner
Change shapes, grab the golden balloons & trigger buttons. Get the red bird to the exit.

Shoot the aliens & gather coins to earn enough to buy items in the shop. Beware of small ammo clips!

Jewel Puzzle
Match the gems in rows & columns as you try to clear all the spots that have tiles in the background

Zombie Night 3
Shoot the incoming zombies & buy guns in this top-down, single arena shooter.

Pyramid Solitaire - Aztec
Match 2 cards to equal the number 13 as you try to clear all the cards in the pyramid-like stacks.

Megastar Sliding
Slide the stars as you try to get bigger stars in this sliding puzzle game, similar to 2048.

The Deepest Sleep
Explore pixelated rooms & gather the objects you find to aid you in later puzzles in the game.

Speedboat Racing
Race your boat in sidescroller style & grab powerups to win the race against the AI boaters.

Sonic Truck Ride
Carefully drive & don't bottom out or tip as either means restarting. Reach the end without tipping.

The Legend of Pandora
Find the differences between the 2 sides of images as the story unfolds about pandora.

Mad Truck Challenge
Race the AI in this sidescroller & grab coins for truck upgrades like shocks, tires & missiles.

Ninja Sushi
Cut chains & platforms to get the sushi to touch all the chinese stars & fall to the ninja.

Minions Become Fireman
Spray a limited amount of water to put out things that are on fire. Use the map to redirect flow.

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Mega Drill Game
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Mega Drill with Friends and Social Networks
Mega Drill

Mega Drill Game Description
Manage many aspects of your drill as you try to dig deeper and earn more money. How deep can you go?

Detailed instructions and Mega Drill help (If any)

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