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Cover Orange - Players Pack 3
Drop the shapes to cause physical chain reactions that push the oranges into safe spots, then cover.

Combat enemy cows & mine to afford upgrades in this RPG-ish idle clicker.

Cursed Islands
Explore the simple looking world. Encounter & fight enemies, sleep to recover health.

Spider Man World Journey
Grapple from one flying vehicle to the next. The farther you get, the different the objects are.

High Flying Halloween
Bounce on the platforms & avoid Halloween mosnters as you gather coins. Use coins to buy upgrades.

Candy Crash
Ride your bike carefully over the hills & mounts of treats. Mind the tilt as it's powerful.

Rudolf The Rabbit
Find the items that are hiding in the background. Combine them together to help or get pass others.

Hospital Frenzy 3
Take care of patients that come in the front doors. Drag them to the proper health station to help.

The Silent Neighborhood
Find all the objects that people are looking for. Find them before their heart meters run out.

Lonely Peak
Catch rainbows & avoid lightning. Earn enough points to unlock levels. Slide menu to get to levels.

Elemental Strike - Mirage Tower
Create different towers based on the elements. Use the elements that best combat incoming enemy type

Mr. Iron Steel
Raise & lower the magnetic fields to control the steel ball. Grab gems & reach the exit.

Another Planet 3 - New Weapon
Grapple onto boxes & move them so that they help you overcome the platform puzzles.

Toss the basketball with the correct aim to hit the coins & the space bee.

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Ghosts Revenge Game
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Ghosts Revenge

Ghosts Revenge Game Description
Can you find the differences between the two pictures as they tell a story about a ghosts revenge?

Detailed instructions and Ghosts Revenge help (If any)

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