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Rage Zombie Shooter
Shoot zombies in this 3D-ish, isometric, arena shooter. Upgrade your skills as you level up.

Hit The Troll - Level Pack
Use balls that have different powers to knock all the trollfaced shapes off the screen.

Disaster Will Strike - Ultimate Disaster
Pick your mother nature power & where it strikes to cause reactions that crush or remove all eggs.

Rollin Paint
Draw a line for the wheel to roll on in this difficult game of reaching stars & the exit.

Gravity Experiment
Rotate gravity in this platformer as you get cubes to land on the correct pad to open exit & lasers.

Moshling Boshling
Fire your creatures at the wooden buildings in Angry Bird fashion. Don't forget to pickup cupcakes.

Air War 1941
Move your airplane as it auto-shoots. Take out enemies & avoid their fire as you pickup coins.

Monster Destroyer
Fire your cannon just right to get the explosives to settle right next to a monster. Wait for it!

Candy Crusher
Avoid enemies & red juice (?) as you get enough peppermint candies to pass to the next level.

Jungle Ride
Ride your bike over the hills as you jump to not get stuck behind loose rocks & rumble.

Freeze The Infernos
Using limited ice-shots, freeze all objects on fire. Use ricochets to not run out of shots.

8-Bit Mage
As your Mage auto-shoots, stay away from enemies & grab coins they drop to upgrade in shop.

Devilish Candy House
Cut ropes, rotate levers & flip switches to get the cookie to roll to the angel & not the evil girl.

1 Screen Hero
Grab coins, attack monsters & find keys as you reach the green square for the next level.

 Games For Work » Difference Games » Maverie The Mad Scientist Game
Maverie The Mad Scientist Game
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Maverie The Mad Scientist

Maverie The Mad Scientist Game Description
Find the differences between the two pictures as you read the story. Includes hints.

Detailed instructions and Maverie The Mad Scientist help (If any)

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