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Brave Shorties
Upgrade & place your units in column stacks. Their formation can make all the difference.

Tortuga Siege
Drop objects & smiley pirates as you protect them in "Cover Orange" fashion.

Battle Card Epic
Pit your card character against the AI card. Fight the AI in turn-based attacks & take them out.

Alien Hunter
Fly threw space, collect coins & shoot space eggs to collect & sell aliens for better parts.

Luka & Lara - Robo Abduction
Click to trigger items in this click adventure. Open doors & move blocks to get to the other side.

Arcane The Stone Circle - Episode 8
Gather items & use them to solve the puzzles quickly, before the monster attacks.

I Need Water 2
Swap the blocks so that the sections of pipe can flow water to the thirsty alien.

Hospital Frenzy 2
Take care of patients that walk in the front door of the hospital. Drag them to different stations.

The Legacy Hotel
Find the objects that people are looking for. Be quick before the hearts by them run out.

Keep running & jumping on platforms as the planets magma rises to the surface & expands.

Sushi Showdown
Jump over gaps & avoid electric walls. Rescue hostages & shoot the enemies that pace back n forth.

Mummy Madness
Fling the mummy over gaps & spikes to reach the stars & the sarcophagus.

Death Cabin
In the single arena level, touch crates to get new guns. Shoot new enemies that appear. Limited ammo

Hungry Grew 3
Draw lines that will roll, bounce & ricochet the candy. Get candies to stars & Grew.

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Vengeance Rider Game
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Vengeance Rider

Vengeance Rider Game Description
Dodge the cars as you race down the road and try to slam into your targets and disable them.

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