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War Heroes
Setup towers to defend the base. Drop mines, paratroopers & missile strikes. No way to speed up game

Nervous Bot
In this platform, complete all the actions for each level to progress. Miss moving left & do over.

Slumdog Billionaire
Similar to "Threes" slide the coins to combine & make larger coins. Earn enough to reach the goal.

Blocks 2
With limited moves, align the blocks so each type are removed without leaving any left over.

Red Oz - Part One
Search through the dark rooms & hallways as you read pieces of paper, but beware of jumping monster.

Marrakech Club
Visit different areas of town as you talk to NPCs & gather an inventory to aid you in your adventure

Cover Pou Summer
Drop the objects above the dotted line. Create a safe place for Pou to wait out the storm.

In this pixelated, retro platformer, push boxes to reach the exit flag without getting stuck.

Into the Forest
View your list of objects at the bottom that need to be found. Hunt the scene to find them all.

The Saddest Little Zombie
Find the differences between the 2 sides as the story is told about a sad little zombie.

The Last Wings 2
Shoot enemies in this spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse, upgrade & avoid enemy fire.

Boss Rush Apocalypse
FIght growing bosses as you choose which powerup you want. How many bosses can you defeat?

Alien Teleportation
Remove the blocks in the proper order to get the alien onto the teleport pad, then throw the switch.

Race your boat in a top-down perspective. Hit boost & turbo powerups to pass AI racers.

 Games For Work » Action Games » Super Mario Bros Deluxe Game
Super Mario Bros Deluxe Game
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Super Mario Bros Deluxe

Super Mario Bros Deluxe Game Description
Play the original Super Mario Brother levels in this deluxe remake. Scroll the screen backwards too.

Detailed instructions and Super Mario Bros Deluxe help (If any)

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