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Acid Bunny 2
Go on a rabbit adventure as you kill enemies by jumping on them & avoiding other strange obstacles.

Short Legs Want Rabbit
Create long mazes for the rabbit so that he cannot reach the carrot before dying.

Where're Are My Bunnies
Place werewolf cutouts, bounce pads & boxes to direct all the bunnies to the cages.

Jump Jump Rabbit
Click to jump your automatically moving rabbit. Grab keys & coins as you avoid spikes & the wolf.

Break the Egg
Cause chain reactions by removing the right objects to cause the eggs to hit stone surfaces.

Bunny Fights
Fight enemy bunnies with your lightsaber. Kill all per arena to move to new areas & gain upgrades.

Chocolate Run
Avoid enemies, grab powerups & find your fuel as you try to stay in the air as long as possible.

Stack Bunnies
As a rabbit, shoot pixel enemies & reach the treasure chest without dying.

The Amazing Flying Babbits
Fire babbits to grab enough carrots to unlock new levels. Check where carrots are before firing.

Star Bunny
Protect your ship as a shooting bunny. Fire at objects coming at you & earn upgrades.

Acid Bunny
Bunny in having a acid trip. Jump on rabbits to make them pop along your drug induced adventure.

Bunny Land
Change rabbits abilities by clicking on them. Reach all the stars & finish by reaching the carrot.

Carrot Rush
Redraw a platform for the bunny to bounce upwards on. Grab carrots & avoid unbreakable boxes.

Bunny Cannon
Fire boy & girl bunnies & get them multiplying in chain reactions to drop enough into the baskets.

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How To Raise A Dragon Game
Game Played 29220 Times

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How To Raise A Dragon with Friends and Social Networks
How To Raise A Dragon

How To Raise A Dragon Game Description
Raise your dragon by eating, then help villagers and knights or just gobble them up.

Detailed instructions and How To Raise A Dragon help (If any)

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