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Royal Protectors
Setup turrets on grass & walkable areas to create mazes for the enemies to travel & die in.

Ninja Gravity
Throw Chinese stars & throwing knives at monsters as the gravity wells adjust their trajectory.

Bee Honey
Match the cubes as you work on removing the ones that have a yellow border to progress to new levels

Monster Mass Clashes 2
Unlock & send in the right type of monsters to your opponents side to defeat his incoming troops.

Fox Farm Attack
Change your cannons ammo as you break objects, push buttons, & burn the foxes.

Causality - Stickman Isolation
Cause reactions in the spaceship to kill all the stickmen without them seeing one another dead.

Jack - The Scary of Zombie
Use different types of grenades to take out zombies. Zombies keep respawning, so keep moving.

Daughter of the Moon
Search high & low in the rooms & find all the items directed to you from the list at the bottom.

Heavy Legion 2
Aim your tanks turrets & adjust its power to hit enemies & cash bags.

The Gems - Special Edition
As the gems quickly scroll downwards, draw a line connecting the same colors together.

Piggy in The Puddle 2
Use the different animals & their abilities to help push & roll the pig into the bucket of mud.

Angry Sheep
Assign different abilities to the sheep to help the group get to the farmer for sheering.

Invert Selection - Levels Pack
Create boxes that add, subtract & invert the current selection to make the given shape.

Mario Cannon
Fire bullets at the towers to send them collapsing & killing all of Mario's enemies.

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Pinup Girls Game
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Pinup Girls with Friends and Social Networks
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Pinup Girls

Pinup Girls Game Description
Find the differences between the two pictures of pinup girls.

Detailed instructions and Pinup Girls help (If any)

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