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Nightflies 2
Using limited laybugs, pull blocks in the proper direction. Let fireflies reach the colored bulbs.

I Hate Candy - Pony Mayhem
In this robot sidescroller, shoot fluffy animals & buy upgrades. Shoot threw terrain when needed.

Zombie Rescue Time
With limited clicks, remove the wooden blocks that will get the zombie to the ground, so he can die.

Monkey Go Happy - Ninjas 3
Find the hiding ninja monkeys & objects that help the main sad monkey get happy.

Sheep Hunter
In Sokoban fashion, slide your UFO against blocks as you try to get all the sheep & reach the exit.

Jump over & watch for spikes. Reach the coins by moving off the edges to teleport to the other side.

Ben 10 Ship Pilot
Drive your truck (ship?) up & down the steep slopes. Grab the green gems & watch out for green boxes

Cube Escape - Harveys Box
Look around the box, gather items & use them to get new objects & solve puzzles.

Arkadium Mini Golf
Place the golf ball in the best spot, to hit it on an angle & get it to the hole in as few shots.

Electric Rubber
Move your mouse over the pad to generate power for the battery in this infinite clicker/mouse mover.

Wacky Strike
Send out troops to attack the enemy on the opposite side. Build structures to aid in creating faster

Cosmo Gravity
Jump over saw blades, slide on ice, float using fans & rotate the levels as you reach the exit.

Save Astronauts
Drop barrels & beams to protect the astronauts from the UFO laser beam. Watch out for explosions!

Ten Gen
Drag the numbered tiles to another tile with the same number. Tile dragging must have a clear path.

 Games For Work » Difference Games » Robin the Hoodlum Game
Robin the Hoodlum Game
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Robin the Hoodlum

Robin the Hoodlum Game Description
Find the differences in the comic strips as you read the captures and enjoy the funny story.

Detailed instructions and Robin the Hoodlum help (If any)

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