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Red Remover Blast
Click to explode & push red blocks off the screen, while saving the green blocks.

Pawn Wars
Build up your village & send troops out to the enemy town to defend yours & obliterate theirs.

Eat My Nuts
Throw acorns at the squirrels before their health runs out in this innuendo titled game.

Batman Truck 3
Drive different Batman vehicles over rough terrain. Grab bat symbols for nitro & keep from flipping.

Robot Revolt
Defend your robot base in this shooting defense game. Upgrade guns & call in orbital strikes.

Supermarket Supplier
Drive your supply truck & drop boxes on the back to take to different locations without dropping em.

Naughty Selfie
Click the prankster & items for him to cause bad selfies for the hot girl.

Casualty Camp
Click camp items in the correct order to cause death to all the stickmen in this clicking adventure.

Chute Academy
Click the paratroopers fast enough to engage their parachutes before they hit the ground.

Shifty Knight
Grab shields as monsters appear for each one picked up. Avoid monsters long enough to get pickups.

Spring Ninja 2
Jump kick into the air & turn enemy ninjas into splatters. Don't forget you can mid-air jump.

As a little robot in this short game, connect power to encased humans. Disconnect doors & enemies.

Freeway Fury 3
Grind against & push cars aside. When your cars on fire, jump to another. Don't miss your car jump!

Vegan Vampire
Eat all the fruit on each level. Burgers make you fat n heavy, while health shakes make you skinny.

 Games For Work » Difference Games » Robin the Hoodlum Game
Robin the Hoodlum Game
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Robin the Hoodlum

Robin the Hoodlum Game Description
Find the differences in the comic strips as you read the captures and enjoy the funny story.

Detailed instructions and Robin the Hoodlum help (If any)

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