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Papa Louie 3 - When Sundaes Attack
Get coins & bonus items in candy land. Bounce on some characters & defeat sundaes.

Stacker War
Create creatures out of block combos. Release units to send them to attack enemy forces & base.

Use your ability to reverse blocks & air with each other. Beware of friendly looking monsters.

Drop Fluffys Game
Click blocks as the fluffy glides to the exit. Some levels require clicking blocks mid slide.

Sea Horse Bubble Escape
Remove the blocks to let the sea horse slide & get the sea shells. Avoid enemies as you slide.

Tommy vs Birds
Shoot the platforms & birds to cause a reaction that makes the coins fall into the purse.

Get Rid of The Weeds
Use limimted lawn mowers facing different directions to mow all the grassy paths.

Super Mario Loops
Play a few recreates from Mario in this blocky, sidescroller. Get coins & hit blocks.

Your zebra can only move a certain way, similar to a knight in chess. Eat all grass & get the coin.

Go Zombie Go
Choose your vehicle & race against other zombies. No turbo & can get low fps at times.

Shape Shifter 2
Flip switches & solve puzzles by shifting what character you are. Try to get all 3 stars.

Valiant Knight - Save The Princess
Control when your auto-moving knight turns around or runs. Get all the coins, avoid traps & enemies.

Cartoon Candy
Match candies in rows & columns. Align 4 or more to create powerups that destory entire rows.

City Winter Drift 2
Race around tracks as you drift. Multiple game modes include drifting & destroying road objects.

 Games For Work » Difference Games » Robin the Hoodlum Game
Robin the Hoodlum Game
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Robin the Hoodlum

Robin the Hoodlum Game Description
Find the differences in the comic strips as you read the captures and enjoy the funny story.

Detailed instructions and Robin the Hoodlum help (If any)

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