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Money Movers 2
Use your 2 convicts to aid each other in flipping switches to open doors, avoid lasers, & get money.

Fight off the orc as you move back n forth finding them. Upgrade your gear to take on harder orcs.

Grab That Grub
Clear the path of the grub as you break through blocks & kill enemies before the grub gets hurt.

Cattle Tycoon
Buy farm animals & set them out in their pens. Sell them at a higher price to make a profit.

Turn magnets on & off to control which way you are pulled. Get coins & reach the portal.

Hungry Piggy
Shoot donuts to break surfaces, reach other cannons & grab fruit on the way to the green pig.

Space Candies
Fling your alien from the planet out into space. Get the candies & return to the planet.

The Golden Elixir
Find the objects that are hiding within each scene. Don't use hints at all for 3 star completion.

Smash Car Clicker
Keep clicking & upgrade with more jumpers, higher jumping & even new worlds & cars.

One-Hit Hell
Dodge the hard boss rapid shots as soon as you start in this skill tester.

Red Shape Alert
Some complex, physics puzzles where you keep the green safe & the red off the screen.

Physics Cup - Playoffs
Get the soccer ball to the goal by clicking green squares & getting rid of red squares.

Juicy Bazooka
Ricochet your watermelon bazooka off of surfaces & cause box falling reactions to kill the burglars.

Frozen Islands
Take over islands by creating larger groups of vikings. Select when they use their special attacks.

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Daily Witness Game
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Daily Witness

Daily Witness Game Description
A long detective storyline with tons of images to find the differences in as you investigate crimes.

Detailed instructions and Daily Witness help (If any)

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