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Spooky Hunter
Clear the combos of colored monsters by simply pressing the correlating key.

Dusty Monsters
Change default character shapes into new shapes to cause reactions. Get all candy to the monster.

Awaken of Mummies
Plant TNT & explode platforms & items to cause reactions that kill all the zombies.

Dwarfs Quest
Draw a single magic line that saves the dwarf from falling, picks up the gem, & drops the orc off.

Car Destroyer
Adjust the speed & ramp angle to get the car to crash into the structure & take out other cars.

Color Ball Physics
Change platform colors to get the colored balls to pass threw or stay on the surface.

Rob3r7 The Robot
Push blocks out of your way to get the key & reach the exit. Shoot doors blocking exit.

Kick the soccer ball into the goal, while avoiding new items that appar in your way.

Wake Up Sheeple
Use different items, blocks & pathways to help save the civilians from zombies. Reach the red square

Shoot the enemies overhead to decrease their numbers. Grab crystals to afford upgrades.

Slice Geom 2
Slice the shapes in as many as requested, using limited cuts.

Money Movers 2
Use your 2 convicts to aid each other in flipping switches to open doors, avoid lasers, & get money.

Fight off the orc as you move back n forth finding them. Upgrade your gear to take on harder orcs.

Grab That Grub
Clear the path of the grub as you break through blocks & kill enemies before the grub gets hurt.

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Sport The Difference Game
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Sport The Difference

Sport The Difference Game Description
Spot the difference between the two sport pictures.

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