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Bad Piggies Online 2016 HD
Build contraptions that hold your bad pig & keep you safe while navigating the environment.

Attack of The Time Travelling Pygmy From Outer Paletolithic
Explore the house, break stuff & solve puzzle of where to throw things. Light all bulbs to win.

Joey Quest
Talk to characters & find gems. Inventory has some questionably NSFW items.

Raise blocks to ricochet the bouncing ball. Keep the ball on the level & hitting the larger balls.

Monster Force War 2
Build up your monster squads & send them to defeat the enemy forces. Build right & it's quite easy.

Cam The Camera
Find items & click on them to add them to your inventory, combine them & pass each stages puzzle.

Leader Bird
Fly your bird & gain a flock following. Avoid getting your flock hit by the larger birds flying.

Idle - A City Upgrade Game
Upgrade 6 aspects of your city to develop your city faster & to earn more money.

Avoid the turrets & their firing at you. Avoid long enough to earn money to afford upgrades.

Im Tyrone
Fight in survival mode for as long as you can, or play the NSFW long dicked mode with bed romps.

Get as far as possible as you grab coins, jump over trees, gaps & spikes. Buy upgrades to get far.

Toxic Town
Get toxic symbols & shoot enemies as you jump over holes with toxic sludge in them.

Catch the Crowns
Drop square stones, circular logs & fire cannons. Get the stars & take out the knights.

Candy Ride 3
Push the candy through the track & portals as you try to get enough to the boy.

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Monkey Go Happy Game
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Monkey Go Happy

Monkey Go Happy Game Description
Click on objects and complete the actions that will make this cry baby monkey start to feel happy.

Detailed instructions and Monkey Go Happy help (If any)

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