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Resonant Voices
Sword fight enemies in this top-down fighter. Use quick attack when charged to do lots of damage.

Slash Zombies Rampage 2
Run over & shoot zombies, while avoiding rocks & mines. Earn money to upgrade & get farther.

As a rat, push the block with a laser attached into the right spot to activate the exit door.

Touch Me Once
Draw the shapes given, but don't overwrite any line you've already drawn.

Sokoban - Biohazard Edition
As a robot, push all the canisters of biohazard waste into the marked spots. Don't get them stuck!

Test your skills in this platformer, skill game. Land on small platforms, die & start over.

Extreme Stunts
Ride your bike carefully as you try to make it over gaps & on vehicles, let alone perform stunts.

Demolition Drifters
Race around the track while doing damage to your oppoents. Finish 1st & cause enough damage.

Journey to Planet Shilon
Visit each planet & find the objects hiding within each area of the planet. Items can look different

Escape The Office 2015
Gather items you find in the room. Use them to solve the puzzles & escape the simply drawn room.

Bunny Flags 2
Setup turrets & control a main bunny as you shoot enemies. Levels are pathway, others are maze based

Bad Ice-Cream 3
Blast threw ice walls & get all the fruit to finish levels. Avoid enemies as more appear later on.

Duke Dashington
In this platformer / skill game, avoid running into spikes as you move in Sokoban style along walls.

The Company of Copperhill
Battle against enemies with your team. Choose your method of attack & keep your teams health up.

 Games For Work » Music Games » Santa Rockstar - Metal Xmas Game
Santa Rockstar - Metal Xmas Game
Game Played 99894 Times

(340 Votes)

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Santa Rockstar - Metal Xmas

Santa Rockstar - Metal Xmas Game Description
Play Christmas songs in the fashion of Guitar Hero. Play the songs as accurately as possible.

Detailed instructions and Santa Rockstar - Metal Xmas help (If any)

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